“On our first day in Milan, just as we go out from the Aparthotel, we find ourselves in the heart of the most famous and exclusive part in Milan: the pedestrian area of Corso Vittorio Emanuele. Before heading on, we decide to have breakfast at the historical bar San Carlo, where we can enjoy typical, homemade and Milanese delicious treats. Then, it’s just a few steps to arrive at the the Duomo, the majestic and baroque cathedral, symbol of the city. We explore it all the way, going up until the roof terrace, before proceeding to Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, with a brief stop in one of the various terraces that it hosts, with a spectacular view of the whole square. And let’s not forget to jump on the right foot on the central mosaic of the bull, according to the to the italian tradition that this will bring us good luck.

After admiring Piazza della Scala, we visit the Museo del ‘900 (in which are exposed the works of art from the most modern and irreverent Italian artists), and then reach the Castello Sforzesco. We walk between its royal and immense walls and ruins and, for an instance, it almost seems as we’re long back in the time, captured by his past grandiose beauty.

For the afternoon snack or ‘merenda’ we pick the Brera district, well known for its bohemian atmosphere, its cobblestoned streets, and the many historical caffé, gathering of artists and art students from the near university. Of course, we pay a visit to the Pinacoteca, which houses the famous Kiss by Hayez, and many other remarkable works.

From here, we take a tram to Via Garibaldi. After a tour in the beautiful and innovative square Gae Aulenti, and a sneak peek to the palaces of Bosco Verticale, we find ourselves in corso Como. A street that is pretty quiet during the day, but at night it turns into the centre of fun and fashion, dances and glittering cocktails bars. At sunset, shopping! Starting from the luxury brands of Via Montenapoleone and Via della Spiga, and ending up in Corso di Porta ticinese, a street full of extravagant little shops, where we can buy old vynils, rare books and vintage clothes.

After a brief stop at the Columns of San Lorenzo – meeting point of the most hip and alternative youth – we soon arrive at the wonderfully illuminated canals of Milan, also called Navigli or Darsena, one of the most fascinating area of the city. Here we have the typical Milanese experience of Aperitivo, followed by a dinner in a lovely restaurants, one of the many little gem hidden up in the alleys of the neighborhood. After this day full of discoveries, here we are again at out Aparthotel INTOMILAN. Sipping a good wine from the honesty bar, while we listen to the music of the street artists and admire once again the architecture of the Gallery, and looking forward already to the new beauties of the city that we’ll have the opportunity to see tomorrow.”

"Milan is a great, vital babylon of enormous glittering building, office’s girls, storehouses, accountants, coffee places, restaurants, fashion houses, and all of this inside the collective aroma of the typical yellow Milanese risotto.”

(Guido Piovene)